AF PARTNERSHIP is a multi-disciplinary consortium of Architects, Developers, Consultants and Project Managers. Established in 1987, the firm has evolved over the years from a purely Architectural Practice into a dynamic multi-disciplinary organisation which addresses contemporary and sustainable infrastructural development, cutting across the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Specific areas of involvement of the firm in the implementation process include:

  • Project/Programs conceptualization and Planning
  • Project Design Construction and Management
  • Project Audit Baseline and Impact Assessment Studies
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation for budgetary and quality control to ensure a sustainable project delivery

Backed with sophisticated and contemporary management Information System and Technology, which bring about an efficient timely and transparent project delivery, AF Partnership is known to be hinged on the very high professional and moral integrity of it’s partners. The ease at which they are able to pull together and coordinate experts and resource persons from various disciplines has contributed and still continues to contribute to the success of AF Partnership.